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    Combrit. From wingfoil to the center of the sea

    Departure on dry sand, skimboard stationary. Jump onto your board as gently as possible, like jumping on eggshells. Your jump should accompany your run. Align your feet well on the central axis of your board, legs bent and gaze turned towards the horizon in front of you.

    What combination for Dakhla?

    Dakhla offers you the best for your kite trip!

    • air temperature 25°C.
    • water temperature 22°C.
    • type of wetsuit 3/2mm or shorty.
    • average wind peaks between 20 and 29 knots.

    When to kite in Morocco? Best season (for the kiter): April to September but Dakhla is an exception (the place operates from January/February). You can also read our Travel to Morocco article: Surfing in Tamraght and Taghazout, which offers a good alternative with an overview of the region’s surf spots!

    When to surf in Dakhla?

    There best time to come surf on the waves of Dakhla in Morocco is from November to March.

    Which kite board to start?

    IF YOU ARE A BEGINNER: You have at your disposal TT boards, versatile, a little longer (140/150), a little wider (41/45), whose lift will allow you to progress in light air, while accompanying you long enough in your progress

    How choose a board of kitesurfing? To put it simply, a person under 55kg will have a board of around 132/39. a person between 55 and 70 kilograms can risk 135/40. A person between 70 and 90 kilograms will develop around 138/41. Finally, a person over 90 kilos will prefer a board around 140/43.

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    Which Twintip to choose?

    For riders looking to progress in their unhooked riding, a freestyle bi-tip is the ideal tool. The boards of freestyle are thicker than freeride boards. This makes the board stiffer and allows the rider to use either straps or boots.

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