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    Mondial du Vent: Hugo Marin, the little prince of the wing

    Fourth in the Mondial du Vent 2021 stage, but above all third at the end of the GWA Wingfoil World Cup, Hugo Marin is eager to start the world circuit where competition will be fierce.

    Against the absence of wind, no one can do anything. Not even the world third of the Wingfoil World Cup, 2021 edition. So the riders take their worries patiently in the idyllic setting of the “ Viglamo” campsite where the participants stay. Hugo Marin (20), who just finished his studies last week by validating his STAPS license, therefore took the time to draw the thread from last season and above all to project himself before putting the water foil and its shoot wing. “ I can now fully concentrate on the wing foil that i started less than two years ago. I come from kitesurfing which I started at 12 years old, but I immediately became addicted to this new discipline ”, admits the one who did not think that the wingfoil would become his “love sport”.

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    Winner of the Dakhla stage (Western Sahara) in 2021, Hugo Marin admits: “ it’s more vague, but this format is mixed with freestyle. It depends on the conditions we have on the events. I’m doing well racing, but I also have to practice freestyle to be complete ”.

    If the competition has not yet started at the Mondial du Vent, Hugo Marin knows that the budding competition is there in a budding discipline. “ This tour has been running for two years and I see there are already twice as many participants as in 2021. It’s crazy and I know it will continue like this. There is incredible growth. Young people are coming and they already have an extravagant level and are already much stronger than some of us. At the same time, we say to ourselves that it’s a good thing, because it will make this sport evolve ”, adds this enthusiast of slip with bright eyes.

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    In wingfoil you can go in huge waves like surfing

    Less technical and less dangerous than kitesurfing, wingfoil is very accessible. “ Even someone who has never tried and practiced nautical sports You can try it before, it’s not very complicated ”, humbly launches from Hérault, ensuring that there is still “ a widening of the field of possibilities thanks to the foil ”.

    A few months after his world podium, Hugo Marin trained all winter “ in racing, trying to improve the starts, to find the foil who goes the fastest. the call of the waves is often the strongest and the rider admits having mostly “trained in the waves to find the limits of wingfoil in big waves. Finally I realized that we could go in huge waves like surfing ”.

    If Hugo Marin takes out the Wing in Leucate several times a year, winter is more abroad like “ Guadeloupe where there is steady wind all year round or the Canary Islands to try to get waves”. Before the start of the race, if the wind allows it, the rider aims for “ a podium in the race and a more isolated spot in freestyle – golf in relation to the context, while waiting for the waves of the Canary Islands and Germany to make a Top “5  to hang on”. Chased away by his competitors, Hugo Marin has for him a large dose of humility and rigor which allow him to push back his limits to fly over the seas.

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