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    5 reasons to surfskate

    Do you like surfing, but you don’t always have the opportunity to enjoy the waves? Are you looking for a way to train and progress on the board, even far from the ocean? If any of these situations describe you, then surfskating is for you! This is a type of skateboard specially designed to reproduce surfing movements thanks to a special front truck that allows short turns and great maneuverability. If you’re still hesitant to get started, here are five convincing reasons to dive into the captivating world of surfskating.

    To work on your balance and coordination

    Surfskating is a great way to develop your balance and coordination, two essential skills for surfing. In fact, the front truck of the surfskate forces you to use your support and transfer your weight from the front foot to the back foot, like on a wave. You learn to control your board and manage your speed. Moreover, surfskating allows you to work on your coordination between the arms, torso and legs, which must be synchronized to achieve fluid and harmonious curves.

    To perfect your surfing maneuvers

    Surfskating is not only a training tool, it is also a way to have fun and push your limits. Thanks to the front truck, you can perform surfing maneuvers on asphalt, such as cutbacks, snaps, carves or tail slides. You can thus work on your technique and your style, by reproducing surfing gestures with precision and fluidity. The surfskate offers you the possibility of simulating different surfing situations, by adapting your trajectory and your speed according to the terrain and obstacles.

    To discover new spots

    Surfskate is a skateboard that can be played anywhere there is asphalt. You are not limited by weather conditions or tides; you can ride whenever and wherever you want. Whether in the street, on a cycle path, in a skatepark or on a pump track, surfskating lets you discover new spots and new sensations. You can thus vary the pleasures and challenges, by looking for the curves best suited to your style and your level.

    To enjoy the benefits of sport

    Surfskating is a complete sport that uses the whole body and provides many health benefits. By practicing it, you strengthen your muscles, especially those of the legs, abdominals and back. You also improve your endurance, breathing and heart rate, because surfskating requires constant effort to maintain speed.

    Furthermore, you improve your concentration, your reactivity and your self-esteem, since this practice requires constant attention and total control of your movements. To top it all off, surfskating proves to be an immeasurable source of pleasure and relaxation, conducive to stress reduction and the release of endorphins.

    To join a passionate community

    Surfskating is more than a sport, it is also a way of life and a culture. By choosing to practice surfskating, you join a passionate community that shares the same values ​​and sensations. This opens the door to meaningful exchanges, whether online or in person, where you can share tips, tricks and experiences. In addition, you have the opportunity to participate in various events, meetings and competitions related to surfskate. You will thus discover a new way of experiencing surfing, in complete freedom and conviviality.

    In short, surfskating offers many advantages both physically and mentally, and allows you to experience surfing in a different way.

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