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    Watch over the wingfoil, the new nautical model is emulated in Hyères

    Within a few months, kitesurfing established itself somewhere between kitesurfing and windsurfing. This marvelous new discipline has renewed the world of board games and surprised the Almanarre in Hyères.

    Published on 07/04/2022 at 09:15, updated on 06/04/2022 at 19:38

    “What’s it called?” It’s almost a habit, when he comes out of the water all flowing, the professional behind the scenes has a good chance – if not a certainty – that questions like this are a pedestrian. A very curious man who, walking on the beach, noticed that on the water there are not only windsurfers or kitesurfers.

    Dancing with the wind

    Born a little over three years ago and fully developed in a few months, this new discipline has renewed the success of Almanarre.

    Having become a tightrope walker, disco dancer or chrono hunter, the wings play with the wind and the waves to draw water and acrobatic choreographies. In his hands, a kind of big bite (shoulder, or shoulder) and, under his feet, a lower board that is fixed with foil.

    Reproducing the principle of an underwater aircraft wing lift, it is this oven that makes the professional take off. As soon as it picks up enough speed thanks to the wind which jostles its wings, it finds itself a few tens of centimeters above the water. With just the foil down, it can pick up speed… or invent a trick.

    The good surprise

    This incredibly fun gamer is the nice surprise of this beginning of the decade (which seems to specialize in bad ones).

    Organized this weekend, the Roca Cup “officializes” this victory that no one saw coming and which has already upset the traditions of Almanarre. The world famous place is indeed entering a new era.

    Having crossed the wind, the queen of the 1980s, then the kitesurfers, suppliers of interest since the year 2000, it is really a third machine which now attracts the attention of pedestrians.

    Beginning of flight

    “The kite has existed for 3 and a half years and has really grown since last summer”, says Hubert Alexandre, manager of Nature cerf-volant, a store/school specializing in nautical sports based in La Bergerie.

    The desire for wings can be read in the course schedule – currently, the wings of wings represent a quarter of those registered – and on the shelves. “In the warehouses, more than half of the turnover is now made on the wing”, specifies the expert from Hyères. A change his friends can easily confirm… The flight has just begun.

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    A first competition dedicated to the discipline this weekend

    To see with your own eyes what the wings look like, we can only strongly recommend that you go to Almanarre this weekend.

    From Friday to Sunday, the Roca Cup will mark the spirits by being the first competition specific to this style organized in Hyères.

    The meeting was organized by Flora Artzner, a local champion. It will bring together the biggest names in the youth water discipline.

    In addition to the phases of competition, the event will be completed by an “eco-committed” village (exhibitions, food trucks, workshops to raise awareness of the marine environment), concerts (Saturday and Sunday, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.) and a large garbage collection (Sunday, at 9am). All the details here.

    Practical, fun and addictive: the reasons for success

    More effective, more fun, more addictive… Observers of nautical sports have no doubts about the solar future of windsurfing… and the benefits that Hyeres can draw from its geography.

    “To start, it’s good to have wind, but not too many waves. On the island, we know that there will always be a side where the sea will be”, declared Hubert Alexandre. An asset that several destinations can claim and that the tourist sector has an interest in highlighting.

    However, repeating wings is not required to get to the island. Contrary to kitesurfing (which can only be deployed in limited areas and requires a lot of space), Wing can enter the water from anywhere. Wing also scores points in terms of sting safety. There is no risk of success by spitting you out in the parking lot. However, be careful not to trip over the sheet.

    Another strong point of the discipline: its practical side. “Compared to the wind (wind, editor’s note), the main strong point is the small size of the device, specifies Denis Guïev, seller of the Welcome store. You don’t need a van or car roof. the same device can be used by the whole family without problem” We also know that women tend to be more represented than the workforce of kiters or windsurfers.

    Finally, on the price side, the triple/board/foil is a tad cheaper than its two competitors. In the “premium brand”, you have to pay an envelope of 2,500 to 3,000 euros. You can get half the price online…and the used market is booming.

    Finally, according to the experts, the discipline is accessible to all (from 12 years old). They advise the choir to start the classes and then buy the products. Currently, there is no proposed lease.

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