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    Where to learn to surf on the Côte d’Opale?

    Why the name Côte d’Or?

    The Côte d’Or was so called thanks to André-Rémy Arnoult, who was a lawyer at the bar of Dijon, but also a member of the Assembly of 1790. He proposed this name, because the vines of the Côte de Beaune in the fall take on a golden hue.

    What is the capital of the Côte-d’Or?

    Why is Côte-d’or called Côte-d’or?

    In 1883, it took the name Côte d’or in reference to the Côte de l’Or, a former British colony created in 1821 (now Ghana).

    Which is the most beautiful Cap Gris-Nez or Cap Blanc Nez?

    The Cap Blanc Nez is reputed to be more spectacular than the Gris Nez and so we were eager to be able to judge with our own eyes. The Blanc Nez is already higher than the Gris Nez (134 meters) and above all more easily visible from the hiking trails and the beach below.

    Where is Cap Gris Nez located? Cap Gris-Nez is located in the village of Audinghen, in Pas-de-Calais. Throughout history, this territory has been repeatedly destroyed.

    Why Cap Blanc Nez and Cap Gris-Nez?

    Today, we explain why our capes are called Blanc-Nez and Gris-Nez. Publication: August 21, 2019 at 10:00 a.m. Reading time: 2 min Sharing: If you’re wondering, the answer seems simple: it’s the color of the rock! Chalk for the first, sandstone for the second, which gives it this greyish tint.

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