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    [Basics] how to start freestyle

    In this video, we will show you some moves to start freestyle snowboarding and have fun with a board in all situations.

    Movement 1: the ollie

    We start with the ollie, the base of the base in the snow, which is used to take off from the ground effectively. We used the board spring: jumping with both feet together may seem easier, but we jumped much higher using the pop and speed of the board. The ollie involves shifting your weight backwards to get your front foot out of the snow, then using the pop of the twist board to take off.

    Movement 2: presses and rotations

    The flat supports and the rotations make any race fun, that’s what makes you never get bored like the skiers on the track! The press is like an ollie, a flip that puts weight on the back or front of the board. The flat spin is kind of like the continuation of the dead leaf (see our video on the basics of the curve). The advantage is that you can train as much as you want, anywhere, as long as you have snow.

    Movement 3: play with the terrain and the modules

    You can then play with the terrain. whether it’s on the breaks or on the edges of the track, you can use the ollie and the pressures/rotations to play anywhere, there are no limits.

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    Then we added holds and small kicks. Once you have the ollie and the ability to play anywhere, you can head to the park and start having fun with all the mods.

    Snowboarding and freestyle are inseparable. Even a snowboarder who only does piste has a freestyler in him. It’s specific to the practice and the influence of skateboarding is certainly not for nothing. A freestyle board has a shape very similar to that of a skateboard: symmetrical, with both edges raised. Well, a freestyle snowboard isn’t just a symmetrical shape, which is why at Glisshop you’ll find a variety of models for different levels and budgets!

    How to control your speed when skiing?

    How not to be afraid of speed when skiing? Overcome your ski phobia in three simple steps

    • Step 1: Inhale and exhale. The first thing to do is to become aware of the physical sensations as they are felt. …
    • Step 2: Ask yourself the right questions and answer them. …
    • Step 3: Begin and succeed.

    How to ski well in powder snow?

    The technique consists of relaxing the legs to pass the snow under the skis (extension) then raising the knees (flexion) to turn the skis. On a medium to low slope, with regular support on both feet, collect the snow and lighten your skis in a rhythmic fashion.

    How to ski well off-piste? The principle is to have the bust always straight, dissociating the upper and lower body. Shoulders down, let’s swap out your curve putting weight on. Then it’s a question of sensations, the idea is to remain flexible and light and to trust the skis.

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