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    Discover Wingfoil: The new water sport that is revolutionizing water gliding

    Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Wingfoil

    THE wingfoil, also known as wing surfing Or wing sup, is a revolutionary discipline that has taken the world of water sports by storm. It combines the best of windsurfing, of kitesurfing and surf to offer an extraordinary sliding experience on thewater. With a wing in hand and a plank underfoot, you can glide through the water with unparalleled freedom and ease.

    What is Wingfoil?

    THE wingfoil is based on the use of a wing which is held with two hands, and with one plank equipped with a foil (a kind of underwater wing) which allows you to take off from the water. L’wing, which can be compared to a veil simplified, is inflatable and has no lines or bars. It is connected to the surfer by a leash to prevent it from moving away in the event of a fall.

    Choosing your Wingfoil equipment

    The choice of material is crucial for learning to wingfoil. There size of the’wing and some plank mainly depends on your weight and weather conditions. Brands like Duotone offer a wide range of products suitable for all levels and conditions.

    THE price wingfoil equipment may vary depending on brand, size and type of wingfoilwing and of plank. At, we strive to offer products quality at competitive prices, with delivery fast and secure.

    Learn Wingfoil

    Learning to wingfoil can be quick if you already have experience in windsurfing or in kitesurfing. However, even beginners can learn the sport with a little practice and patience. offers a series of tutorials and tips to help you master the basics of wingfoiling.

    Join the Foilmax community is more than just a wingfoil equipment sales site. It is an interactive platform where wingfoil enthusiasts can share their experiences, exchange tips and find out about the latest news and events related to this discipline. Join our community and dive into the new wave of water sports!

    Varieties and options of Wingfoil equipment

    There are different variations of boards and wings for wingfoil. THE foil wing, particularly appreciated, offers a unique sensation of flight above the water. There size of the’wing wing is paramount in mastering this sport, offering a variety of options depending on the wind and the weight of the user. A surf foil is also an excellent alternative for those looking to get started in the world of foiling.

    In addition, for lovers of stand up paddle, THE supfoil adds a new dimension to this sport by integrating the sensations of flight. The choice of wing surfing, of foil surf, and some wing wing mainly depends on user experience and weather conditions.

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    The equipment of kite foil are a hybrid between kitesurfing and wingfoil, bringing new sensations due to the special technical characteristics of the wing wing and foil. There size color of the’wing wing can also be chosen to add a personal touch to your equipment.

    Whether you are interested in kitesurfing and at windsurfing or you are already an assiduous practitioner of these nautical sports, adopting the wingfoil is a wise choice that can amplify your experience of gliding on the water. The different wingfoil boards available on the market can satisfy the expectations of athletes of all levels.

    Choice of Wingfoil material at

    Here are some wingfoil equipment options available at

    • Wingfoil board: Available in several sizes And colors, from the most compact to the largest for beginners.
    • Wingfoil: A variety of wing wings for all types of winds, from light wind to strong wind, with designs high aspect for better performance.
    • Kitefoiling: For those who want to add a new skill to their kitesurfing practice.
    • Stand-up paddle foil (SUP foil): Ideal for surfing small waves or for a quiet paddle session.
    • Windsurfing foil: For those who want to incorporate the new foil trend into their windsurfing practice.

    All our products are available in different models, sizes And colors. Consult our catalog to discover the foil products that best suit your needs and preferences.

    frequently asked Questions

    What size Wing foil should I choose?

    The size of Wing Foil mainly depends on your weight and weather conditions. In general, a lighter person will need a smaller wing than a heavier person. Additionally, lower wind conditions require a larger wing. It is advisable to seek advice from an expert or instructor to choose the most appropriate wing size for your needs.

    What is the difference between Wing Foil and Surf Foil?

    Wing Foil and Surf Foil are two water sports disciplines that use a board with a foil. However, they differ in the way they are propelled. In Wing Foil, you use a wing that you hold with both hands to catch the wind and propel yourself across the water. In Surf Foil, you rely on the force of the waves to propel you.

    Can I use the same board for Wing Foil and SUP Foil?

    It all depends on the size and type of board you have. Some boards are versatile and can be used for multiple disciplines like Wing Foil and SUP Foil, while others are specifically designed for a particular discipline. To find out if your board can be used for both, it is best to contact the manufacturer or a water sports expert.

    What is the best color for a Wing Foil?

    Choosing the color for a Wing Foil is mainly a matter of personal preference. However, bright colors may be more visible at sea, which may improve your safety in the event of problems.

    Is it easy to start Wing Foil?

    Like all sports, learning Wing Foil takes practice. If you already have experience with board sports, you might find it easier to get started. However, even if you are a total beginner, with patience and perseverance you can learn to Wing Foiler.

    Can I use my inflatable Wing Foil for other water sports?

    Most Wing Foil wings are specifically designed for Wing Foiling. However, some wings may be versatile enough to be used in other water sports like kitesurfing. Before trying your kite for another sport, it is recommended to check with the manufacturer or a water sports expert.

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