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    [Wind SuperStars Challenge 2021] Muscle fun race to start!

    The Wind SuperStars Challenge 2021 started this Friday October 29 in Gruissan: if the weather conditions were not sufficient to launch the official races, the Funny Race could be confirmed. Thomas Merceur won.

    First matches this Friday, October 29 at the Wind SuperStars 2021 challenge, while waiting for Tram’, which passes on Monday!

    In the presence of 200 amateur cyclists, the serious things started at 10:30 am in Gruissan, with a briefing by Philippe Bruj in stainless steel. After two and a half years without Défi Wind, Nico Warembourg (winner in 2018 and 2019) had the privilege of opening this “skippers’ meeting”. The local on stage encouraged the troops before Philippe Bru took the lead, who was moved by this mobilization of the windsurfers. The boss of the big challenge recalled the format adopted for this Wind SuperStars Challenge: a long distance, a slightly shorter than the classic Challenge. , with a competition area of ​​6-7 km for a depth of 500 m. This offers a good dose of emotion to the participants gathered under the watchful eye of Antoine Albeau and Pascal Mak.

    Philippe Bru then got to the heart of the matter by saying that “Monday would be a perfect day for the Challenge” with strong winds and flat conditions. This Monday, November 1, initially declared as a reserve, was in fact a day of racing!

    While waiting for Lady Tramontana to wake up, the organizers have decided to offer amateur riders a Joke Race. At 15:00 in the afternoon, with 15-20 knots of wind and well formed seas with lots of breaking waves, the brave Challengers set sail. Many of them remained “on the ground” and could not start or finish the race.

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    At the end of this derisory race, Thomas Merceur won ahead of only 24 other competitors and a good crowd on the embankment. “I left with 8m and 107L, medium gear. At the briefing,

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