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    Discover the GWA Wingfoil: between innovation and thrills, the essential of board sports!

    Dive into the world of GWA Wingfoil

    THE GWA Wingfoil is the new discipline that is causing a sensation in the world of surf and windsurfing. This innovative practice skillfully combines wing and the foil, offering board sports enthusiasts a new and exhilarating experience.

    The wingfoil, a revolution in the world of surfing

    THE wingfoil is a novelty in the world of surfing which has quickly won over water sports enthusiasts. By combining the board of foil and the wing of wing, this discipline offers a feeling of incomparable freedom and speed. Wingfoil is also practiced in freestyle that in slalom, allowing everyone to find their style and push their limits.

    The GWA Wingfoil World Tour, the unmissable event

    THE GWA Wingfoil World Tour is the flagship meeting place for enthusiasts of this discipline. This cup world brings together the best riders on the planet for thrilling competitions. During the last edition, the spot of Pozo was the scene of breathtaking performances, immortalized in video and widely shared on Instagram.

    The new wingfoil star: Suardiaz

    On the wingfoil scene, one name particularly attracts attention: Suardiaz. This young prodigy windsurfing quickly established itself as a reference in this new discipline. His exploits in freestyle and in slalom are to be discovered in video on and on his account Instagram.

    The efoil, the other sensation of the moment

    If wingfoiling is on the rise, the efoil is not left out. This motorized board offers a unique gliding experience, allowing you to “fly” above the water. THE efoil is an interesting alternative for those looking to diversify their practice and discover new sensations.

    NIA, the new platform dedicated to wingfoil

    Finally, for those who wish to immerse themselves in the world of wingfoil, the platform NIA is a must. This site offers a multitude of resources to deepen your knowledge, share experiences and stay informed of the latest news in this discipline.

    The essentials of Wingfoil World

    THE Wingfoil World, bringing together the Gwa Wingfoil and the Wing Foil, is a dynamic sphere. It carries a multitude of events on a global scale, including the famous World Cup and the World Tour, which are part of the International Tour of Foil Tour. These competitions offer breathtaking spectacles of Freestyle Surfing, of freefly slalom, of Surf Foil, or even Kite Foil.

    Rising talents like Nia Suardiaz And Titouan Galea stand out for their expertise and the spectacle they offer. They demonstrated their skill by pushing the limits of Foil Wing during the famous championship held in Pozo Izquierdo.

    It is also important to mention the competing disciplines of Foil Surfing, such as the Sup Foil and the surf race which also attract a large audience. There is no shortage of excitement in the World Gwa, where constant evolution pushes athletes to opt for wings with High Aspect to increase their performance.

    Discover Wingfoil World:

    • Wingfoil World – The Wing Foil big top, a booming space.
    • Gwa Wingfoil – A constantly evolving discipline that redefines the world of Surfing.
    • World Cup and World Tour – The competition lights, emblems of the International Foil Tour.
    • Nia Suardiaz And Titouan Galea– Emerging talents who push the limits of Wing Foil.
    • Pozo Izquierdo – One of the main competition venues which has already hosted several world editions.
    • Freestyle Surfing, Freefly Slalom, and Surf Foil – The exciting variants that are gaining momentum in the Gwa World.
    • Sup Foil and Surf Race – Equally exciting competing disciplines within Foil Surfing.

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