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    Frontignan: stand up paddle on the calm waters of the Ingril pond

    The Tiki center, a multisport activity center located in Frontignan Plage, offers a fun discovery of paddle. With a family approach accessible from 5 years old.

    Between Vic-la-Gardiole and Frontignan Plage the Ingril pond stretches almost lazily. On the RD60, at the end of Avenue des Étangs, a cozy car park. Meeting point of water sports enthusiasts. The sun, already high in the blue sky, as well as the virtual absence of wind, promise a discovery session of stand up paddle in perfect conditions.

    Especially since the instructor in charge, Jean-Christophe Tréal, manager of the Tiki center, has the right words to reassure the most hesitant. “No need to have practiced sliding sports before: everyone will be able to hold the paddle after a few minutes. We’ll start on our knees…”

    The youngest, three boys under ten, are harnessed in jackets and hold their paddles like adults. Unless, of course, the size of the essential accessory is suitable for everyone. “By extending your right arm you should be able to touch the top of your paddle… ” And everyone must do the test to ensure the correct adjustment under the benevolent eye of Jean-Christophe. “Do not hesitate to put on a cap and sunscreen. The journey will take two hours.”

    A paddle flotilla

    Ingril Pond launch is not deep. The stream, like spam, points to absent subscribers. Something to reassure the dozen beginners of the day. Stentor voice, precise words and unfailing patience Jean-Christophe leads the paddle-wheel flotilla for a tour of the Ingril pond.

    Two hours of calm and – almost nothing – of sport. Because the paddle is, in addition to an excellent way to slide on the water, a good tool to work on your sheath ! “Spread your feet a little and sit well in the middle of the table to balance your weight,” says Jean-Christophe to a father who is still unsure of himself. “The musketeers over there are waiting for the group at the level of the big cobblestone!” It is not a question of playing individually: the peloton must remain united in sliding.

    At Tiki Center we learn to play with the wind…

    real academy of Sliding Tiki center, created and directed by Jean-Christophe Tréal since 2012, offers a range of discoveries for all ages. In addition to the outings and the rental of paddles, the duo of qualified teachers who work with Jean-Christophe (Thibaut Bousquet and Jean-Baptiste Ruiz) without forgetting Maëlle Miglianico at the reception where the mouse is always on the agenda, offers during kitesurfing, wing, foil and wakeboard. For beginners and more advanced. The Tiki center also has a simulator of glide to learn or improve on windless days in kiteboarding and wake foiling. Two activities which, thanks to the motorboat trailer, offer sensations of slip…. on the water ! Lessons on the pond as well as at sea, near Aresquiers beach, widely accessible thanks to the teachers’ choice not to go into deep water.

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    After two hours spent on the water, after seeing a few seabirds, the old salt marshes of Frontignan, swimming a little in the waters of the old Pierre canal, we disembarked in a half-light of joy. Jean-Christophe has a kind word for everyone. “Give me some ointment at the pharmacy to treat…” he whispers to a lady who has been bitten by a nasty mosquito.

    And to say, looking at the paddles on the trailer, to be one of the only pedagogues for learning the wing surfing. “I learned on my own before starting classes three years ago without stopping to adapt the material.” A wind of passion.

    How to paddle on the sea?

    If you want to go for a nice paddle ride, especially at sea, opt for smooth bodies of water: no waves, no wind and no currents coming. The practice of SUP surfing, for example, requires experience, good balance and knowledge of surfing.

    Is it hard to paddle? Don’t panic, paddleboarding is easy. – It is not necessary to take lessons. When we rent a board and a paddle, the instructor quickly reminds us of the basic safety rules. He can possibly give us some tips to get on the set faster.

    How to succeed in paddleboarding?

    Avoid diving forwards or backwards: you risk falling on your SUP. Instead, try to aim for the sides and keep your shovel forward so you don’t hurt yourself with it. Similarly, hold the handle of your shovel in your hand so you don’t lose it.

    How to choose the size of an inflatable paddle?

    The width of your board should be between 30 and 35 inches. Most of inflatable paddle boards will be between 32 and 34 inches wide. For starters, stay in the 32-34 range. For advanced paddlers you can upgrade to the 30-32 inch range.

    Which shovel for 70 kg? In terms of width, a Touring between 71 and 75cm will be the right choice. For a size between 70 and 80 kg, the SUP Touring will have to be longer, between 12.6′ and 14′ to offer the same maximum speed. These SUPs are also wider (between 73cm and 76cm) to offer a little more flotation.

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