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    Wingfoil: a discipline in the wind to discover

    The wingfoil, what? If the sport is little known it is because it is new. The wingfoil is a fashionable discipline that attracts many followers.

    The wing is the hybrid wing which is between a windsurf sail sailboat and a kitesurfing wing. THE foil is a streamlined wing that moves through the water and transmits a lift force to its support. By adding the two, the wingfoil is then a “hybrid sport between the board sailing and kitesurfing, but with foils, that is to say these machines that allow us to fly above the water”, describes Julien Goasguen, organizer of the Vikwing. A real magic carpet of the seas that n is not to displease lovers of water sports and sliding.

    On April 2 and 3, 2022, the Vikwing event offers to introduce the curious to a new sport sliding: the wingfoil, on the sidelines of two days of competition and discovery workshops in Ouistreham. A first in Normandy.

    The results of the wingfoil competition qualify for the French and world championships.

    © France 3 Normandy

    In Ouistreham, the wingfoil competition is a first in Normandy. About fifty participants are expected throughout the weekend. If the activity is rather fun and playful, it is no less official. Indeed, the results will qualify for the French and World Championships. Two days are therefore necessary to get up to speed and get the season off to a good start. But the weekend is not just for professionals. Amateurs and the curious are also welcome around initiation workshops and discovery of the discipline.

    Initially, we saw the foil as very elitist. Today, the general public can do it. It exploded in two years.

    Julien Goasguen, organizer of the Vikwing event

    This is also the objective of this sporting weekend. Attracting more and more people to the practice of wingfoil. Because it’s an accessible sport, according to Olivia Piana: “What’s great about wingfoil, is that it is super versatile. And it’s a super easy sport physically compared to the windsurfing or kitesurfing, the material is light.” Well, we won’t specify that Olivia Piana is still wingfoil world champion, just that!

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    50 participants are expected throughout the weekend.

    Which foil to start with?

    © France 3 Normandy

    What surf foil to start?

    Normandy or Mediterranean coasts, whatever the tide, with the wingfoil “we can sail everywhere and in lots of different conditions”, specifies the Marseille champion. What is needed in the end is wind. “In the wind you have fun because all you need is a little wind which forms a and you benefit from it”. An apparent simplicity which explains the rise of the nautical activity for two years now.

    What wind for the wingfoil?

    With this sports weekend, the Vikwing hopes to seduce the general public. If the participation was limited to about fifty runners, the organizers intend to welcome more people in the years to come. Because they believe in discipline. And Olivia Piana agrees: “It’s something we do together. It’s going to be a very family sport.”

    Foils beginners are usually equipped with an aluminum mast. Less expensive and more practical to progress, they offer very good mechanical properties. Composite material foils offer an interesting alternative with a material that is lighter and cheaper than carbon.

    What wind for the Wing?

    What foil to start kiteboarding? Choose the front wing of your foil : In return the foil will saturate very quickly in speed. Conversely, the smaller the fin, the faster the foil, but the more technical it is at low speed. So for beginners or for light wind, we choose the big blades (950) and for the speed the thin wings (450).

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