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    Wingfoil: Slide for me!


    on 07/29/2021 at 4:05 p.m., Updated on 08/01/2021 at 10:08 a.m.

    INFOGRAPHIC – A board, a foil and an inflatable wing… This new sport booming boating is blowing a wind of freedom on the beaches of France and elsewhere.

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    Which foil surface to choose?


    The two most prestigious factories for the production of wingfoil and kitesurf wings can be found in Sri Lanka: Aqua & GSL. The “big brands”, Duotone, Eleveight, HB, North, Core are vying for space in these factories, to ensure the quality of production of the wings.

    What size surf foil?

    The greater the area and the thickness of the wing, the greater the foil is tolerant, but risks quickly saturating in pace. It provides more lift and stability at low revs. On the contrary, the smaller and finer the surface of the wing, the more responsiveness and maneuverability you gain.

    Which wing board to start?

    With what foil surface begin ? To start and progress, 75-90 cm is good. With 75 cm we have a little room, and it goes without too much water. Good maneuverability. At 90cm there is even more space, more upwind angle and carve, less maneuverability and the balls hurt more!

    A 70 cm mast is ideal for learning to foil. Its relatively small size will forgive all your positioning errors and the drops will be much less impressive. An 80cm mast is extremely versatile. It allows to evolve, to pump, to surf and maneuver more efficiently.

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